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Wubbleyou increases investment after receiving sup
Wubbleyou increases investment after receiving sup

When Newcastle-based web development and creative agency Wubbleyou decided upon three key changes in their business a year ago, we jumped on board to make those changes possible.

Mark Renney, Director at Wubbleyou talks about their reasons to want to change things about the business, how RTC helped them achieve their goal and the fruits they are already picking.


Mark said:

“We’ve been clients of RTC since the beginning of 2018.

“Change number one we decided to embark on was the decision to no longer fulfil lower value web design work, and to solely focus on our core strength: building web & phone apps focusing on automation and efficiency, saving clients time and money.

“We also decided to work ‘lean’ to deliver our projects, which is to ensure we do everything possible to only deliver value to clients, ensuring we do not waste precious project resources. 

“For our project with RTC, we will target public sector procurement as a new revenue stream, focussing on high value. To achieve targets related to procurement, we need to quickly upskill in this area, systemising & making more efficient our own processes related to procurement. 


“Andy and Suzanne at RTC have been paramount in helping us achieve this goal.  We were presented funding options and advice, after which we went out and sought proposals from procurement consultants.


“After selecting Quay Solutions as our consultant, we generated a procurement strategy and executed it.  Thus far, we have had over 10x return on investment, and our average response score is excellent.  With further refinement we plan to push this much further.

“We plan to increase our average winning tender value by 300% in 12 months’ time and become recognised amongst local public sector bodies for providing high quality & robust software solutions which genuinely solve their problems. 

“RTC have played a key part in helping us deliver this, providing advice and opportunity.  With help from RTC, we’ve created a long lasting and sustainable revenue stream for our business.  We look forward to working with RTC again in the future!”
Mark Renney
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