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Kidsafe UK go digital with help from RTC
Kidsafe UK go digital with help from RTC

Founded in 2004 by Val Webb and Jude Walker, Kidsafe UK delivers child protection and safeguarding programmes to children and young people from Early Years Foundation Stage through to High School.

In the next few lines Val and Jude talk about their vision of the new direction they wanted their business to take, the challenges they were facing and how RTC helped them overcome any hurdles and achieve their goal. 

"After KidSafe UK secured funding from the Big Potential Lottery Fund to develop our work, we began working with RTC based in Sunderland to support us in developing a safeguarding package that could be purchased by any Nursery, Primary, PRU, Specialist school, High school and youth organisations in the UK and beyond. 


Our idea was a radical change to the way KidSafe currently operates, the challenge appeared a great one, how to replicate an already successful 2-day training course into a product that could be purchased with all the key elements from the training included.

The aim: That every school and youth organisation would then have the opportunity for their children to participate in a KidSafe programme thus helping their children protect themselves from abuse and harm, all schools could then implement a structured effective programme into the curriculum addressing hot topics in a child friendly way, KidSafe offers a sound a thorough approach to safeguarding children empowering children to recognise signs of abuse and harm and to speak out.


"The starting point for a cultural shift in how we educate and support children to keep themselves safe began by replicating the training into a manual and developing a KidSafe Kit that could be purchased and adapted to work in any school/setting would provide a long term approach to safeguarding children.

"We required professional guidance from RTC in the following areas:

  • Business model
  • Structure
  • Market research
  • Governance
  • Financial planning
  • Standardised operating procedures
  • Stock & quality control
  • Lead times
  • Legal contract assistance
  • How to quantify the social impact of our work.


"All of which RTC supplied, playing a major role giving us clear guidance throughout, RTC excelled in making the challenge achievable with a professional and approachable team and no question we asked was left unanswered, we were kept on track with regular well-planned face to face meetings, Skype and telephone conversations providing consistent feedback on progress.

"Quantifying our social impact has always proved difficult as the culture around safeguarding is very much a need to know, RTC introduced us to Peter Deans, business mind social purpose, who we have worked closely with over several months, Peter aided us devising a framework of assumed impacts that we could evidence and the areas of child abuse our programme predominantly addresses which can now go a long way to quantifying the success of the KidSafe Kit.


"We plan to launch the KidSafe UK Kit later this year (2018) and feel strongly that our existing relationship with the RTC team will come continue and we can wholeheartedly recommend their to any organisation wishing to review and develop their business and ideas."


Thank you, Alan Whittaker, Claire Robinson, Jamie Ollivere from RTC and Peter Deans from Peter Deans, business mind social purpose, for your care, attention to detail and enthusiasm around the work and impact of Kidsafe UK.
Val Webb and Jude Walker, KidSafe UK co-founders

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