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Great North Museum:Hancock - The Launch Pad - part of GEOTN
Great North Museum:Hancock - The Launch Pad - part of GEOTN
Date - Jun 22, 2018
Venue - Great North Museum: Hancock Barras Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4PT
Cost - Free
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Welcome to the Northern Design Quest

Led by Design Network North the Design Quest allows you to follow in the footsteps of a designer. You will have the opportunity to design your very own product, using products created in the region to inspire and demonstrate the design journey.

Your starting point is the The Launch Pad (Great North Museum), where you will see some of the amazing products that were created in the North. Some you will be familiar with, and some may surprise you. We all know about Stephenson’s Rocket and Rowntree’s chocolate, but did you know that Tommee Tippee design all of their baby products in Cramlington. Or that Mama’s and Papa’s is a family firm that started in Huddersfield. Or that Mecanno was invented in Liverpool by Frank Hornby.

So this journey through design will let you explore hundreds of different products that were brought to life by people and companies in the North, and let you peak behind the scenes to see how they were created. The Design Quest gives you the opportunity to  follow the footsteps of George Stephenson, or Frank Hornby (yes, he also invented model trains) to create, develop and launch your own product.

Spend a fun day at the Museum with your family, come up with an idea for something that makes travelling around more enjoyable, makes it easier, safer, more accessible or just more fun. This could be for when you are on the bus , train or metro, in the car, on your bike or just walking around.

And as you follow the Northern Design Quest, either across Newcastle and Gateshead, or at home or school, you will be guided through the different steps that all designers go through, to create amazing products.

  • At the Ideas Lab (Ellison building) you will learn all about creative thinking and the different ways that you can come up with lots of ideas. Because they won’t all be good ones so you need plenty to choose from.
  • At the Research Station (Newcastle Library) you will carry out research in our ideas to see which ones will work the best, and maybe even which ones you could patent.
  • At the Design Studio (Toffee Factory) you will work on your favourite product idea, thinking about why people would use it and how it will help them.
  • At the Workshop (Toffee Factory) you can build a model of your product idea, and start to see it come to life.
  • At the Marketing Suite (Northern Design Centre) you will create a distinctive brand and logo for your product.
  • Finally at the Product Showcase (Northern Design Centre) you will get to display your product, alongside five other iconic products that came from the North.

But first, at the Launch Pad is where it all begins. We’ve gathered together a fabulous collection of products that were all created in the North, some of them a long time ago, some of them in the last year. Hopefully they will inspire you, surprise you and show you that you can do it too.

Because all of these products were created by people just like you.Okay, so they may know a bit more about design, or engineering, but many of them didn’t when they started. They just had a great idea that they thought would work, and they learnt along the way. And that’s what you can do too, as you venture through the Northern Design Quest.

Please note that you don't have to complete all stages of the Quest - you can mix and match or you can do only one if you like, but please take the opportunity to get involved with The Great Exhibition of the North and celebrate everything North with us! 


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