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What Information we collect about you

RTC North collects information about you when you register with us to receive business assistance under any of the programmes we currently manage, or you complete or respond to any promotional material that has been distributed. We only collect information that is relevant to the work being undertaken for you.


Should you complete any information via our website we do not use cookies to collect any information.

How we use the information collected

We collect information about you to have an audit trail for any assistance that has been given by RTC North or one of its constituent member teams. The information is retained on an internal customer relation management system which records our business activities.


The information collected is also used for marketing purposes by RTC North and its constituent member teams. We will not collect any information about you except what is required for the system administration. Please notify RTC North of any changes to your information so that it can be amended immediately.

The information we retain is for use by RTC North only and we do not pass any details on to any other third parties.

If you receive marketing materials from us it is because you have consented to do so. You can opt out of receiving any marketing materials either partially or wholly at any time by contacting the Marketing Manager.

Retention of Data

Our data is cleansed on a regular basis to ensure its currency and accuracy. Whilst data is retained on our system it is for audit purposes only and details are deactivated when appropriate so that it will no longer be used for marketing or any other communications.

This policy applies to RTC North only and does relate to any websites that link into the RTC North website.

Accessing your Information

The information held on you can be requested under the Data Protection Act. Please see our policy relating to the Act and how to access your information.

How to contact us

If you have any queries or complaints relating to these policies please contact us in writing addressed to:

The Data Protection Office
RTC North Ltd
Loftus House
Colima Avenue