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GT Group

Rebecca Davis
Jan 13, 2016

One of RTC North’s most longstanding clients, the GT Group won multimillion pound contracts with major Original Equipment Manufacturers such as Volvo, Scania, JCB and John Deere to supply its range of Exhaust Gas Control Systems.

The breakthrough components for will ensure OEM's meet emissions legislation.
RTC North helped the company’s application for a large company R&D grant to fund the development of the new product, and also in negotiating the support of key academic partners at Leeds University.

The project also included market trend analysis and market research used to examine opportunities for new ventures into the nuclear and oil and gas sectors.

“RTC North is a trusted partner which understands what industry wants. Their insight, expertise and professionalism has helped us secure multimillion pound contracts to supply clients around the world.” (Geoff Turnbull MBE, GT Group)