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Top Screen Media

Oct 26, 2016

Leeds based organisation Top Screen Media specialise in digital innovation and customer engagement.

Top Screen Media products involve self-service, kiosk solutions in shopping centres, as well as sales activation and promotional products into the retail space directly for brands.

The company originally engaged with RTC to help access business opportunities overseas. Following this they joined the Innovate2succeed programme which helps companies manage innovation in house as a fundamental step to drive the business to next level.

As a result of interacting with the Innovate2succeed programme Top Screen Media have accessed private funding, as well as understanding how to access public funding for innovation.

RTC supported Achille Traore, CEO to implement processes to manage his time more efficiently, being an innovator and entrepreneur he needs to choose carefully which things to spend his time on. RTC were also able to support Achille through a European graduate scheme to find new talent to help the business exploit his innovations.

Achille Traore, CEO said: “Thanks to the I2S programme we have managed to successfully secure investment for one of our projects, We have also opened up and started trading with china directly. The programme also helped us access new talent from Europe and we have recently employed a developer from Italy and to help us develop new products. We are very excited about the future.”


Is designed to help SME’s improve their internal capacity to innovate and capability to commercially exploit new ideas. Specialist Innovation advisers will work with your management team and deliver a programme of activity to make innovation happen. Through our coaching support companies can reduce risk in order to create positive change.

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