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iEvo Ltd

Rebecca Davis
Mar 10, 2016


iEvo, formerly UKB International, was established in 2009 to design and develop a biometric security system as they were unable to find a suitable existing product for the UK, European and US markets.
Having developed its own IP protected system, today the company has a turnover in excess of £2m and employs 15 people. 

The biometric security system, developed by iEvo includes more desirable features and an enhanced specification enabling the company to meet their customer requirements. The product features include compact size, weather resistance, ease of installation, vandal resistance and product aesthetics.

Through RTC North project, Design network North, Jesmond based design consultancy, e3design Ltd, was tasked with designing the new product around iEvo’s innovative sensor. By developing a tough injection moulded housing, e3design Ltd were fully able to meet the requirements of the brief resulting in an attractive product that is fully weatherproof, easy to install and provides an enhanced user experience.

“iEvo Ltd would not have existed without Design Network North. We knew nothing of design or the design process and without Design Network North we couldn’t have brought such a professional product to market in such a short period of time. 

"Design Network North’s project mentor and our designers, e3design Ltd, have delivered above and beyond.” (Shaun Oakes, Managing Director, iEvo)

Design Network North

DNN a membership network of over 700 people made up of Manufacturers, Businesses and Individuals who have a passion for design and innovation. Established in 2008, DNN was set up to increase the contribution that design makes to the regional economy of North East England.

Companies may also be able to access up to 40% funding for the design of better products, services and internal processes. 

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