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Orla Protein Technologies

Rebecca Davis
Feb 08, 2016


The launch of biotechnology company OJ-Bio marked the beginning of a joint venture between Orla Protein Technologies and Japan Radio Company (JRC) to develop and commercialise next generation sensor technology in the North East of England.
The two companies benefitted from the support of UKTI’s R&D Globalisation Programme, which was designed to support and assist R&D based businesses develop, protect and commercialise their IP and new products in international markets.
Delivered by RTC North, the UKTI R&D Globalisation Programme initially helped both organisations structure a joint R&D programme to establish if their combined technology could create a platform to make the detection of diseases quicker and more accurate than current conventional methods.
By combining JRC’s expertise in the design and manufacture of mobile telecommunication devices and Orla’s leading edge science in the design of biological surfaces, the new combined technology has proven extremely successful.
The joint R&D Programme demonstrated that by combining the two technologies, the companies could create a new range of portable handheld devices which rapidly detect a range of diseases.
With the power to transmit test results through wireless networks, the technology can be used everywhere from doctors surgeries to some of the remotest parts of the world and for detecting diseases affecting both animals and humans.
Following the successful R&D collaboration, the RTC North assisted both JRC and Orla in the formation of the new joint venture company, ‘OJ-Bio’, which will be based at the Centre for Life, Newcastle.
“The assistance provided by RTC North has been invaluable. For anyone looking to do business overseas, they are a great first port of call.” Dale Athey, CEO of Orla Protein Technologies