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Jan 05, 2016


BiBCOM Ltd is a Sheffield based company and market leader in the field of 3G Surveillance systems and expressed an interest in the technology profile of Dutch mobile software security experts Secufone. 

After receiving the Expression of Interest from BiBCOM, the RTC team in Yorkshire contacted their Dutch Enterprise Europe Network counterparts to organise a meeting between their client and Secufone and prepare a suitable cooperation strategy. After signing a technical Partnership Agreement, the two businesses also signed an agreement to promote Secufone in the UK using BIBCOM’s its retail channels.

“Secufone offers some services and technology,  which are a good fit for our business. The support provided by Enterprise Europe Network in setting up this agreement has been central to achieving what we hope will be a long and mutually beneficial relationship.” (BiBCOM Managing Director, Easa Taheri)

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