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Feb 15, 2016

ItsaGoal specialises in manufacturing of sport equipment, in particular anti vandal steel, aluminium as well as the largest range of sturdy uPVC plastic goalposts in the UK.

Being a small company, the business was not capitalising the international market potential due to its limited manufacturing capacity. To overcome this, the company expressed the need to find companies specialised in aluminium, steel and plastic products as manufacturing partners under license or other manufacturing agreement able to help deliver current foreign demand and further develop the demand in Europe.

After attending the Enterprise Europe Network ‘Sport Tech Match’ brokerage event organised by RTC North in Sheffield, the company completed a technology audit and business review. Through the network, Varmont, a metalwork and welding company based in Slovenia, expressed an interest in becoming ItsaGoal’s manufacturing partner. The companies then met in Sheffield to define the details of a joint venture agreement.

“EEN Yorkshire pushed us to look at international markets. They introduced us to various options. Without EEN this cooperation would not have taken place.” Mr. John Wilson, founder of ITSA Goal Posts Ltd

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