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Smith & Nephew Extruded Films

Jan 04, 2016


Yorkshire based, Smith & Nephew Extruded Films (SNEF), manufactures a range of products for use in healthcare applications supplying business, consumer and industrial markets. The company supplies products for filtration, lamination and horticulture. The company has extensive experience with local sales and distributor networks in place in all the major global markets in which it serves - N and S America; Europe; Asia, Africa and Australia.

Innovation managers at Smith & Nephew Extruded Films routinely explore new licensing and research opportunities external to the company in order to drive business growth. Through the European wide technology database accessible via the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) website, the company found a project of interest and contacted the team in Leeds.

The client found a technology profile of interest relating to biodegradable plastics and with the help of their EEN advisor brokered an introduction to a Belgian company with a view to initiating a joint research and development project. The companies are currently working together to develop the technology and explore possible market applications.

“We require a high throughput of ideas to support our innovation strategy. The EEN team has provided a swift and professional service in helping us source companies across Europe with which we can collaborate.” Johnathon Foulkes, Smith & Nephew Extruded Films

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