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Top Screen Media

Rebecca Davis
Jan 04, 2016

Top Screen Media(L-R: Leo Donato, RTC North and Achille Traore , Top Screen Media)

A UK based technology company establishes significant relationships with Chinese companies during trip to China.
Top Screen Media is a fully managed technology company that specialises in customer engagement. The company develops technologies to deliver information and advertising services for brands and public environments including products such as kiosks and touch screen solutions.

The Enterprise Europe Network team at RTC North have a long standing relationship with Top Screen Media, having supported the company with profile publications, SME Instrument submissions and further support through coaching services (Innovate2succeed).

Top Screen Media attended the EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair in Chengdu China, 9th to 11th November 2015 as part of the EEN UK delegation which was led by Leo Donato, RTC North. The EEN team at RTC North provided support prior to the event by writing profiles and during the event in facilitating meetings with potential partners. This resulted in significant success for Top Screen Media, who secured a distribution agreement with CYT LED Technology, a manufacturing agreement with V Touch and technology transfer agreement with Chengdu Wise Global Technology Company.

Achille Traore , CEO, Top Screen Media:  “The trip to Chengdu was a success for TSM.  I've managed to reduce our hardware cost by 35% by visiting and sourcing our screen products directly from the factory.”

“I've also managed to identify new technologies to introduce to our clients here in the UK and we are currently working towards a JV / partnership agreement with the supplier we met during the visit.”

Distribution of LED lighting products in the UK

CYT LED Technology is a lighting solution provider integrating R&D, production and sales. The company has developed over thirty independent intellectual property rights and possesses international advanced level of processes, core technologies and solutions.

The two companies met in during the EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair. During the meeting the CYT LED Technology presented a series of LED lighting products based on standardized, automated and scale-based production mode. Following the meeting in China, samples were sent to Top Screen Media for quality assessment, this resulted in positive results and as a result Top Screen Media are now acting as a UK distributor of CYT LED Technology.

New supplier of touch screen

V-Touch specialises in manufacturing of touch screen and other related displays. The company focuses on R&D and manufacturing, as well as sales for 4 wire resistive touch screen, 5 wire resistive touch screen and surface capacitive touch screen.

During the EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair, the RTC North EEN team presented the companies in their delegation to local chamber of commerce; advisers from the Sichuan Chamber of Commerce expressed an interest in meeting with Top Screen Media. Leo Donato and Top Screen Media CEO, Achille Traore met with the Sichuan Chamber advisers, and illustrated the company’s strategy of partnering with a local producer of touch screens. Following this a meeting was arranged with V Touch, during the meeting Achille, was able to meet V Touch management, visit production places and assess the quality of the products. This meeting led to a manufacturing agreement by which V touch will manufacture screens used in Top Screen Media products, guaranteeing a 35% reduction in production costs.

Panoramic 3D Experience product joint development

Chengdu Wise Global Technology Company has a number of technologies and products with independent property rights in; ball screen, shaped screen display systems, virtual reality content creation, visualization hardware and software development and integration, exhibitions of visual design development and engineering contracting.

Top Screen Media and Chengdu Wise Global Technology Company met in China during the EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair. During the meeting the Chengdu Wise Global Technology company presented a series of products, Top Screen Media were particularly interested in the Panoramic 3D Experience Product. Following the event, the companies exchanged emails in order to transfer knowledge to develop a more advanced Panoramic 3D Experience prototype which integrates expertise of both companies.

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