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Jan 04, 2016

An agreement between two companies to invest in R&D, production and commercialisation of new products, is flourishing nearly 3 years after their initial meeting.

First brought together by Enterprise Europe Network team at RTC north in 2013, ImmonoSYS based in Manchester has been working with Dutch company Abunduz to produce and commercialise technology in therapeutic protein development.

Now, nearly 3 years after their initial meeting, the companies are considering merging and creating a new company based in the UK.

ImmunoSYS provides solutions to biological businesses through academia-to-industry translation of bioscience, with particular focus on immunology, proteins, probiotics and biomarkers.

Abundnz specialise in the development of innovative approaches and technologies in the biotechnology and diagnostics industries.

Masih Alam, ImmunoSYS, Director of Business Development said, “The cooperation has been fostered by EEN which is definitely a very effective platform.”

After the initial meeting facilitated by Leo Donato, RTC North, the companies composed a memorandum of understanding detailing a cooperation strategy based on:

  • R&D for biological activity and validation;
  • ImmonoSYS is able to provide a range of bio-molecules to test the product;
  • A commercial collaboration in which ImmunoSYS will be in charge of commercialising the product in the UK market (this will be a service oriented business, target clients will be drug discovery companies)

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