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STEM Powered

A short course to bring Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths teaching to life.

Cost: £200 (*discount avaliable for RTC partners)

Become a confident 'STEM teacher' and deliver lessons with real world and practical resources to inspire your students.

This STEM course is designed to help you plan, resource and make Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths come to life across the curriculum.

STEM Powered Includes:

  • Webinar 1 (1hr) - An interactive webinar to introduce you to the course and how to make your lessons STEM Powered
  • Practical preparation (3hrs) - A practical task to plan a lesson which exposes and exploits as many STEM areas as possible and relevant application to industry examples
  • Webinar 2 (1hr) - A plenary webinar to discuss findings and how you can use this in your teaching moving forward
  • Certificate - Receive your STEM Powered certificate on completion
  • Resources - share resources and plans on our portal

Who Is Delivering This Course:

Jen Lee, CSciTeach, MSc in Educational Assessment, PGCE in Secondary Science, BSc Chemistry

Our STEM Powered course is designed and delivered by Jen Lee. As a Charted Science Teacher with 10 years active teaching experience, Jen has a breadth of experience to help you develop your STEM teaching skills.

During her teaching career Jen was assistant director of learning, responsible for the Science Department Key Stage 3 curriculum teaching. In her time as a teacher, Jen has also been in charge of implementing STEM improvement processes across the school. In this position, she implemented training programmes for staff which used STEM subjects to increase the independence of students and makes them more critical thinkers. As well as starting a club for Formula 1 in Schools and writing various articles for the school and local community magazines promoting STEM.

As well as her teaching experience, Jen has benefited from working for an international exam board, here she was responsible for production of high quality exam papers for IGCSE Science, including recruiting Principle examiners and markers, proofreading and grading of papers.

In her current position as Education Relationship Manager at RTC North, Jen works closely with schools and colleges to ensure maximum benefit from industrial and academic input across all STEM subjects. Areas of expertise include working closely with teachers and lecturers to identify needs within STEM subjects and encouraging closer cooperation between STEM departments and education.


To book your place on our STEM Powered course please click the sign up link below.

  1. Visit our registration page
  2. Select a suitable date, register and pay for your place
  3. Attend STEM Powered Webinar 1
  4. Complete STEM Powered Lesson Plan
  5. Attend STEM Powered Webinar 2
  6. Get access to learner portal to see bank of resources
  7. Receive your STEM Powered certificate


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