Elaros 24/7 is the world's first virtual lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) assessment clinic. It provides an innovative new way of carrying out initial assessment, diagnosis and triaging, as well as the long term management & monitoring of patients.

The company has been designed by clinicians and built by an exciting partnership that brings together the skills and expertise of the NHS, the academic community and industry.

Initially, we were only asked us to create a website and marketing materials for Elaros 24/7, but after a discussion with the team and viewing their existing identity, together we agreed that a total brand overhaul was needed in order to help create a stronger brand when taking the product to market.

We were already working under a tight deadline with the website, but we love a challenge and thrive from achieving great results. Elaros 24/7 were over the moon with the final outcome and showcased  the new brand identity at their launch event.


"It has been a real pleasure working with the team at RTC North on the branding and website development for Elaros 24/7. The final product is stunning."
Professor Paul O'Brien / CEO Elaros 24/7 Limited


Elaros 24/7 Limited