Elaros 24/7 is the world's first virtual lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) assessment clinic. It provides an innovative new way of carrying out initial assessment, diagnosis and triaging, as well as the long term management & monitoring of patients.

The company has been designed by clinicians and built by an exciting partnership that brings together the skills and expertise of the NHS, the academic community and industry.

The natural way to develop an identity and website for a brand is to develop them simultaneously in order for the idea to grow together, however this is not always the case. Fortunately in the case of Elaros 24/7 we were able to have the creative freedom to do this, we therefore had an idea of the overall image right from the onset of the project.

The Elaros 24/7 website is fairly simple in terms of its functionality, however through the design used the message it portrays is strong and clear.


 "We were very impressed with our new brand identity and even more so in the time it has taken to achieve these results, we hope to continue the relationship when developing the brand further."
Martin Levermore / Deputy Chairman Elaros 24/7 Limited


Elaros 24/7 Limited